What to know for Acne squeezing?

I suffered serious acne since high school, after trying many types of skincare and facial treatment, I have also consulted dermatologist. From there, I learnt I can squeeze acne if this is not papule acne. For acne which has white head on it and (yellow or white) fluid inside is possible to squeeze. If you squeeze papule acne will only hurt your skin surface without healing it acne.

Papule acne

Steps for squeezing acne

1. Steam the acne area

Steam helps to soften your skin and enlarge pore for easier squeezing the fluid out.

2. Use blemish and blackhead removal tools

Remember to use good quality like stainless steel made tools, this is the most important factor to pick tools. Besides, prepare the tools with thick and thin steel ring to treat large acne, reduce pain and combat pox easily. Fine pinhead and needle body helps to fight against pox easily.

The oval shaped steel ring end helps to balance your force to squeeze on it and reduce pain.

3. Golden 30 seconds

You need to squeeze out the fluid within 30 seconds. Continue to squeeze for long time will hurt the surface and leave scars permanently. If you cannot complete within golden 30 seconds, just stop the action!

4. After squeezing treatment

You must put on Benzoyl Peroxide acne treatment or tea tree oil after squeezing acne. It uses for anti-inflammatory and swelling. As there’s a wound after squeezing, you can never skipped this step. Moreover, it helps to reduce the risk of generating scars.

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