How to make your hands look young?

During COVID-19 pandemic, have you count how many times you wash hand everyday? Do you find your hand becomes dryer and more sensitive than before? Especially you need to frequently apply hand sanitizer. In this post, l share 5 hand treatment tips on how to make your hands look young.

How to make your hands look young tips 1 : Don’t use hot water to wash your hand

I am a mom of 2 kids, thus I always need to do washing housework. In winter, it’s nightmare to use cold water to wash dishes, so I use hot water instead. However, my hand becomes red, swollen and plain. The reason is frequent washing hand will harshly exfoliate the surface of skin cell and lost of protection. In the other case, frequently apply sanitizer will also harm the surface of your hand. It makes my hand more sensitive. Thus, stop using hot water to wash hand, use warm or cold water instead. Keep your hand with natural protection. Meanwhile, remember to use mild washing soap. Avoid to apply hand wash which is too many chemicals. After wash hand, apply rich hand cream immediately to moisturize it.

How to make your hands look young tips 2 : Exfoliate dead cell regularly

If you read my post “Best way to remove blackhead by Vaseline“, you will learn that steam will help to soften your skin. This is the best moment to do treatment as the skin will easier to absorb. In this case, put your hand in warm water for 5 minutes, then use scrub to massage lightly. Rinse it and then apply rich hand cream. You will find your hand becomes soft and brighten.

You can also use Brown sugar with honey as natural hand scrub. Worth to try it!

How to make your hands look young tips 3 : Apply use rich hand cream frequently

I always apply hand cream sooooo frequently, like after wash hand, wash dishes, cleaning kitchen and bathroom, taking shower for kids, cooking, after go out, etc. So, I put hand cream in everywhere at home like bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, shelf next to my bed and on my working tables too. I will not forget to apply hand cream and I will apply it once I free. Apply hand cream is the best way to keep your hands young. In addition, I will massage my hand before bed. I feel relax after massage. It’s good for my sleeping quality and health as well.

I recommend L’Occitane Shea Butter. Although it’s a bit pricy, it’s smell good and rich. I love it very much!

How to make your hands look young tips 4 : Intensive treatment for hand weekly

Intensive treatment for hand is easy. After soften your hands by warm water, put on rich hand cream and wear gloves to lock all the nutrition of cream on hand surface. Use hot towel to compress for 5 minutes. Massage the hand with the remaining cream. In the other way, you can also use hand mask for overnight. You will feel fantastic with your hands!

How to make your hands look young tips 5 : Wear gloves

As I told in the first paragraph, doing housework will always make your hand turn sensitive or even swollen as my case. How to make your hands look young? Remember to wear gloves when doing housework to avoid chemicals hurting your skin. By the way, over washing will also make your hand extremely dry.

Wear Gloves is the most important way to make your hands look young!

To make your hands look young, remember to take care your hand in every minute as you always use your hand. Hand is not less important as face, especially if you are housewife (Many housewife suffer contact dermatitis) . Housewife always has to doing housework and so the hands are easily get wrinkle and dry.

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