Best way to remove blackhead by Vaseline

Have you ever tried to pull blackhead hardly? You will feel plain, your nose becomes red and even get hurt. Your pore then becomes larger and easier to create blackhead again. In view of this, some South Korean girls share two magic weapons to eliminate the blackhead, it is painless and just allowed 15 minutes to be done.

Skincare to prepare

the skincare to prepare is easy, just Vaseline and Deep Clean Mask. You can use different deep cleaning products according to your personal preferences. Vaseline helps softening blackhead acne, skin rehydration and reduce the irritation caused by deep cleaning products. For the deep cleaning products, it is suggested to contain kaolin, volcanic mud and any ingredients to help remove blackhead oil absorption.

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Step 1: Firstly, apply thick layer of Vaseline in the nose area, especially on blackhead places.

Tip: Don’t forget the both sides of nose

Step 2: Secondly, cover plastic wrap on top of Vaseline. It helps to speed up Vaseline’s penetration into the pores to soften the blackhead. Leave it for 5 minutes.

Tip: It is recommended to do it after taking a bath, as steam helps softening the skin and additionally, the pores will be enlarged

Step 3: Thirdly, apply a deep cleaning mask to the surface of Vaseline, remember not to wash away Vaseline. Otherwise the cleaning and moisturizing effect will be greatly reduced! Apply 10 minutes before wash off . (Reduce the time to 5 minutes if you are kind of sensitive skin)

After rinse with water, you will find that the blackhead on the nose are disappeared, the nose becomes smooth and shiny. Besides, pores are getting smaller, while balancing of skin sebum matters greatly improved. Painless method to clear blackhead is cool! I suggest that oily skin girls can use this method once a week while other type of skin can be applied once every two weeks.

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