Beauty Guides and Tips for acne

10 Essential Ways to get rid of Acne Fast

1. Don’t wash your face too frequent

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Doing so will dry your skin, then the skin will generate more oil to rebalance moisture level. Your face will get even worse.

2. Use a soft skin-cleansing brush or tool

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Just using hand to wash face is not helping to deep clean the sebum inside the pores. The material on face washing tools will always help to bring out all dirt and impurities on face.

3. Keep moisture your skin

As mentioned, if the face dehydrates, it will stimulate more oil to rebalance the moisture level, and finally will cause outbreak seriously.

4. Remember to use sunscreen during daytime

UV is a killer to the skin surface and cause aging problem. Sunscreen protector is always act as a first defense to against the enemy!

5. Deeply clean your skin with Face Mask

Deep cleansing to your face is an important step to eliminate dead cell and let the new cells growth again. If you want to have a younger face, don’t forget to deep clean your face once to twice a week.

6. Must put on Acne Treatment before sleep

Moisture level will always getting lower when we slept. To supply enough nutrition and moisture to skin before sleep will definitely bring you a soft and bright skin in the next morning!

7. Adjust your living habit and diet

To get rid of acne, your immune system is the essential factor to perform it. Thus, you need to adjust healthy living habit and diet to uphold metabolism and clean your internal organ too.

8. Stay positive attitude

“Emotion will affect your health! “It is 100% true ! No one will have a healthy body when he/she is always in a bad mood. Besides, sadness will bring you wrinkle when your facial expression is always tight.

9. Don’t always touch your face

Germs stick on everywhere. Thus, don’t always touch your face which bring germs on it.

10. Chinese massage to uplift your metabolism and digestive system

Massage will bring you a relax moment. The specific area which is massaged by specialist will boost up the metabolism as it uplifts blood circulation. Nevertheless, it will definitely help to facilitating digestive system as the massage will help the bowel movement.

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