6 Wrong steps to remove make up

90% of Girl suffer blackhead, acne and inflammation due to such reason.

Girl is willing to spend over 2 hours for gorgeous make up while it may not cause to same time for remove all these make up. Inappropriate deep clean your face will finally lead to acne and sensitive skin problem.

1. Wrong step to clean away all make up and impurities

Is it just using make up remover lotion/water/fluid/ or cloth means to single step for the cleaning process? It’s no doubt that using make up remover skin care will bring you a bright and clean skin instantly. However, it is just helped to remove those water-soluble make up, visually it’s perfect, for those oil-soluble pigments and impurities are still stick on your face and pores.

Korea Popular Artist Suzy introduces her unique cleaning face method:

4 mins to remove make up、2 mins to wash face、4 mins to final clean face with warm water. She has a warm reminder to all: for those are sensitive skin and very dry skin may not suitable for above method, make cleansing time shorter and MUST use mild remover.

2. Not wash hand before clean face

This is such an easy concept. If hands are not 100% clean, the bacteria and germs will go to entire face with the remover lotion, it’s may even worse than not cleaning it. Remember wash your face with 30 seconds before wash face.

3. Remove eyes make up harshly

Eyes area is different from our face, the skin is thin and sensitive. Girl always remove eyes make up harshly, it leads to weak eye lids and eye lashes. The correct way is cover the eye area with a cotton pad which full of remover lotion, leave it 30 seconds and clean with circular motion lightly. Eye edge can be cleaned by swab to avoid friction.

4. Not necessary to remove Sunscreen/BB Cream/CC Cream

Don’t misunderstand all these are skin care, they are actually may cause cover pores, almost same as make up. Especially for those with higher sunscreen protection SPF and higher coverage, it is even worse. Just treat all these products as make up when cleansing your face.

5. Perfunctory clean the lip

Having meal, drinking water will remove lip stick? Yes, it will, but not 100%. If leave those pigments on lip in long term, color of lip will turn dark. By applying cleansing eye area method to clean the lip is perfect to maintain the texture of lip. Remember, don’t clean so harsh, use swab clean edge area when necessarily.

6. Forget to clean hairline

Do you experience suffered acne around hairline? That’s the reason. This area is somewhere far beyond the face and so is easily forget. Just clean it as usual will be good enough.

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