6 Acne Area you need to know

acne map

It’s interesting to know the meaning of acne area. As I come from Hong Kong, I know some knowledge from Chinese medicine theory. The Chinese medicine practitioner provides some guides on acne area and tips. Acne appears on different area means there’s problem of some specific organ. I summarize 6 acne area you need to know on face mapping and the solutions recommended by Chinese medicine practitioner.

acne map
6 Acne Area by Face mapping

1. Forehead / Between brows – Liver

As shown in the face mapping, acne appears on forehead normally due to emotion instability, stress, lack of sleep, bad sleeping quality, suffer insomnia, eating spicy food, living style not in a systematic way, too much worries and anxiety, and always in frequent anger mood. The urine color may always turn a bit more yellow.

Forehead acne

In such condition, your liver has to detoxify in order to maintain your immune system getting well. Thus, keep your liver healthy to heal forehead acne. Sleep early and rest more, quit smoking and drinking alcohol, and avoid eating spicy food to let your liver to boost up your health. Besides, deep cleansing with face mask regularly is also an essential way to get rids of acne.

2. Nose – Weak cardiovascular system / Poor diet indigestion

Acne appears on nose due to weak cardiovascular system, digestive system problem, excess stomach acid or excess oil on nose surface.

Nose acne

In this case, to stimulate blood circulation, massage and intake zinc, vitamin B2, B6 would help. If constipation occurs, you need to take plenty of fiber like vegetables and fruits to improve digestive system problems. Remember not to eat irritating food like cold raw food, hotpot, spicy food to avoid stimulate too much stomach acid. If the acne on nose due to excess sebum, daily deep cleansing and regular deep cleansing mask is a must.

3. Left Cheek – Poor blood circulation

The underlying factors may be due to the bad detoxifying system. If liver is not working well to detoxify and clean up your body toxic, the blood circulation will not getting well.

Left cheek acne

To deal with left cheek acne, doing more exercise, stay positive mindset and happy mood is a good way to reduce stress and good for blood circulation and health of liver.

4. Right Cheek – Lungs problem

Acne appears on right cheek normally due to lung problem, together with dry throat, cough with phlegm. Lung on top position among all other organs. It helps to facilitate metabolism.

Right cheek acne

To solve this problem, you need to take food that is nourish the lungs like honey, white sesame, loquat, almond, lotus root. While COVID-19 is also a fatal disease from lungs, eating food or drinking soup while making from these ingredients also a good way to protect from COVID-19.

5. Above and below lip area – Stomach and small intestine / Poor digestive system

Acne appears on area above and below lip normally due to poor digestive system.

Acne around the lip

Taking more fiber and lesser meat, adopting a heathier diet and life style is an essential way to heal the acne.

6. Chin – Hormonal imbalance and Kidney imbalance problem

Acne appears on chin mainly due to hormonal imbalance. It always occurs prior to menstruation. Acne will become disappear when mensuration completed.

Chin acne

Try to avoid raw cold food, cold drinks cause it is bad for reproduction system and kidney. You can drink hot rose tea before menstruations to minimize the risk of getting acne or blemish.

In general, these 6 acne face mapping cover major reasons of acne occur. While we find out that, healthy lifestyle and diet are the most effective and efficient way to get rid of acne. Without these, your immune system will finally turn down. Thus, you can treat this post as a blueprint or reminder to monitor your habit.

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