5 Essential ways to protect your Lip

Lip Care Routine

It’s an vital matter on removing make up and skin care on face. However, to have sharp and smooth lip will let you look like much younger. This article will give you some idea on Lip Care routine.

Step 1 : Clean

Treat your lip as sensitive as eye area. Thus, use the cleaning wipes or liquid which stated allowing to use on eye and lip area. Otherwise, you may easily suffer lip sores or inflammation.

Step 2 : Exfoliate

Exfoliate the dead cell of your lip once or twice a week is an essential routine lip care to maintain your lip soft, supple and healthy looking. Nevertheless, it helps to prevent dehydration of the lips.

Lip Scrub DIY

For those who may need a natural skincare instead like pregnant mum, you can DIY your own lip scrub by natural ingredients: brown sugar and honey!

Mix brown sugar and honey. Apply brown sugar on lip with hot towel cover it for 5 minutes, wash away the brown sugar. Massage your lip lightly with the remaining brown sugar on lip.

Step 3 : Moisturize

Just apply lip balm means to moisturize your lip? It depends how dry is your lip is. Some people may fine enough to apply just lip balm, while some people like me is still feeling not smooth after applying it. The dryness of your lip may varies due to your health issue, weather and climate. For my experience, olive oil, coconut oil, honey and lanolin are the essential ingredients to your lip balm. You can try which one is suitable for your situation.

Step 4 : Lip Mask

Rescue your lip! Due to climate change or weak immune system, flaky, chapped, dry lips will come to you. Lip mask works overtime to ensure lips are moisturized, supple, and smooth-as-silk by morning.

Step 5 : Lip Sunscreen

UV facilitating aging skin problem no matter to your face or lip. A dull lip will make you look like 10 years older as you may look weak and tired. Sunscreen protection should be SFP 15 or above to give you a well protection.

Special tips

  1. Don’t always lick your lip, your lip will even more dry

2. Don’t tear off the lip skin which will hurt your lip

3. Try to give your lip a break, avoid lip make up everyday or too frequently

4. Drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables to support your moisture level and vitamin

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